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  • Smaug's URL is (yes, SCREWZ!). Thanks to Crawford Rainwater of Linux ETC for underwriting our domain.
  • Smaug has a regular meeting venue (Mr. Toots Coffeehouse in Capitola Village) and regular date (2nd Thursdays, 7:30PM). Mark your calendars!
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Thu. Aug 2012 meeting
The weekly meeting schedule having proved unrealistic, we switched back to monthly meetings, 2nd Thursdays, still using Mr. Toots Coffeehouse in Capitola Village, which has been convenient and pleasant for the regulars.

Thu. May 5, 2011 meeting
This was the first meeting at Mr. Toots in Capitola Village.
  • Chris White and others attended.
  • Meetings have been held at Mr. Toots nearly every week since then. This location has worked out well much of the time, but parking is limited (a problem in winter weather) and, at more active times, like the warm part of the year, there is often loud music.

Sat. Sep 6, 2008: First Felton LUG meeting
First meeting of the Felton LUG
Felton LUG
Sat Sep 6, 2008, 2pm - 6pm

Felton Fire Station, 131 Kirby Street

This was the inaugural meeting of the Felton Linux Users Group, the next step in the Lindependence 2008 activities started in July. We'll be introducing folks to GNU/Linux and Free/Open Source Software, as well as having speakers, etc. Bring your laptop or desktop if you wish.
Phone: 831 335-7303

The Felton LUG has been meeting nearly twice a month since, at the same location. Meetings are usually on the first or second Saturday of the month, at 2 PM. This LUG has a page on Google Notes.

Thu. Aug 11, 2008 meeting Social Meeting at Pacific Ave. Pizza & Grille
Peter Belew showed up, after having driven 537 miles from Las Vegas, after the end of DEFCON. No record of anyone else. Chris White had also gone to DEFCON, but returned separately later. Anthony Ettinger was at the Ugly Mug.

Mon. July 14, 2008 meeting Social Meeting at Pacific Ave. Pizza & Grille
An installfest in Felton, organized by Larry Cafiero, and held the previous Sunday, was reported by Peter Belew, who mentioned that another would be held later in the week. This eventually led to the formation of the Felton LUG.

Mon. Sept. 20, 2004 meeting Social meeting at Tiny's Family Restaurant.
Phil White, Josh Neal, Peter Belew, Karsten Wade, and Rick Moen arrived for an evening of discussion about subtler aspects of IBM's recent filings in the SCO case, accounts of wild goings-on in the latter days of VA Linux Systems, recent activity in SlugLUG, and assessment of Tiny's as a meeting venue. (It seemed to work well, though Karsten will keep looking for a good site closer to downtown.) Phil White's girlfriend Fizz joined us near the end. A good time was had by all.

Mon. Feb. 4, 2002 meeting
(mostly from John Callaway's notes on the mailing list)
  • Social meeting at 99 Bottles of Beer; we had fun.
  • Most of the time, there were several simultaneous discussions. Please post meeting sumaries, if they should be mentioned here!
  • Nacho offered to do a presentation at the next meeting; details to be discussed on the mailing list.
  • The idea of starting each meeting with a 15-minute short feature seemed popular. Either interactive chaos or a main speaker could follow.
  • The idea of two (or more?) "tracks" also seemed popular. SVBUG runs a two-track program, successfully (7-7:45 newcomer talk, 7:45-9:45 main talk).
  • If you have whiteboards or easel pads you could bring, speak up! (John Callaway,, says we can use his overhead foil projector. Thanks, John!)
  • All of the above must be followed up, on-list, or nothing will happen. Particular people need to commit for specific dates and topics.
  • Raphael said he wasn't going to have time to help with the Web site.
  • One member said his house might be available for weekend installfests. (Please mention this on the mailing list.)
  • Lisa deQuattro may be able get March meeting space at her workplace on the west side of town, off Mission, and will know by Friday the 8th.

Mon. Jan. 7, 2002 meeting
(cribbed from Karsten Wade and Eric Cain's notes on the mailing list)
  • We're keeping the domain. Eric Cain got reimbursed.
  • We're dropping the acronym, so that Smaug is now just a name.
  • Members are encouraged to form ad-hoc committees for group business, minimum three members, suggested cap of five.
  • David Gatwood, David Correa, and Mike Del Fava formed a Web Committee, for the group's Web site.
  • Chris Parry and Karsten Wade formed the [Arm]Chair Committee, to manage meeting agendas and post after-meeting reports.
  • Rick Moen, Lisa DeQuattro, and Karsten Wade are already the de-facto Listadmin Committee.
  • Adopted general group mandate of providing a social & support group for open source, and assist its adoption in schools.
  • Meeting place will be 99 Bottles, for now. Possibility of space at some member's workplace will be investigated.
  • Discussed prospects for a local 802.11b Metropolitan Area Network.
  • Eric Cain can give OpenSRS access for our domain record, by arrangement.

Mon. Dec. 3, 2001 meeting
(cribbed from Raphael Dorado and Karsten Wade's notes on the mailing list)
  • Ten members were present.
  • Possible meeting venues discussed: 99 Bottles, Cabrillo College, Salvation Army Center, other schools/associations. Cruzio, Lutris.
  • Possible SMAUG projects: Installfests, assisting businesses/non-profits, presentations to the general public.
  • Possible meeting topics: network administration, sundry programming & scripting languages, basic OS knowledge, legal/licensing issues.
  • Purpose and focus of the group discussed.

Mon. Feb. 5, 2001 meeting
(from Raphael Dorado's notes on the mailing list)
  • Very informal meeting at Saturn Cafe, with about ten or twelve of the usual suspects attending.
  • Discussion of other meeting-place options: Max Baker's barn, Veteran Hall, a pizza joint, Cabrillo College, Aptos Library, a room at some other company.
  • Jacob Hunter has to mostly bow out, because of time commitments.
  • Some candidate meeting topics, e.g., Max on firewall setup, Jason Mealins on OpenBSD w/NAT and firewall.

Mon. Dec. 4, 2000 meeting
(cribbed from postings to the mailing list)
Rasterman (Carsten Haizler) and Mandrake (Geoff Harrison) talked about Enlightenment and related projects.

Mon. Nov. 6, 2000 meeting
(from memory)
Joseph Z. Arruda of VA Linux Systems and Rick Moen spoke on a range of Linux topics.

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